10 Pictures That Prove Arizona Is The Australia Of America

Here in America, we’re accustomed to thinking of Australia as a land full of terrifying and deadly creatures that try to kill humans at every turn. While this assessment is at least partially true, we would do well not to forget that we have an Australia of our own here in the United States.

I’m talking, of course, about the great state of Arizona. Don’t believe me? Well, after you take a look at these photos, you might change your tune.

1. It gets hot enough in Arizona to melt most things that aren’t made out of metal.

2. Arizona isn’t without its terrifying wildlife that eats other terrifying wildlife. Pleasant!

3. Remember when I said the heat melts everything? That includes cheap blinds.

4. I’d like to meet the city planner who approved the name of this street.

5. You think you know what a dust storm is? Not until you’ve lived in Arizona.

6. Even the tap water in Arizona is suspicious.

7. In this state, giant centipedes and scorpions fight each other on the daily.

8. Be careful when using the bathroom in Arizona. You never know what’s already living in that bowl.

9. Every time this Redditor’s friend finds a scorpion in his home, he freezes it and then tapes it to his fridge as a warning to other scorpions.

10. And what list about Arizona would be complete without a picture of a truly bizarre creature found in the middle of the desert. What is this thing?

Okay, I’ll admit Arizona is nowhere near as terrifying as Australia itself. Still, I don’t think I’ll be paying a visit to the Grand Canyon State anytime soon.

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