12-Year-Old Manages To Become Australian Prime Minister For Two Days Kind Of

A young boy has managed to climb the political ladder worryingly quickly. Only 12 years old and already Prime Minister of the whole country, he must be seriouslypoliticallyadept, right? Or just good at Wikipedia

OrleyFenelon was bored and just wandering around the interwebs, when he decided he deserved the title of PM. Though, it probably reveals a deep desire for leadership in the young lad… Or, just mischief.

So, he grabbed the horn by the balls and just did it. Made himself the Australian leader on Wikipedia, and it remained unchanged for a whole two days. Just think of the unsuspecting students who could have included that misinformation in some kind of school project during that time.

So for the next two daysFenelon was Australias 30th Prime Minister, and the people totally rallied behind him. Some even argued heoutshone the current PM Malcolm Turnbull.

He told Mashable:

“I was just bored and it was a running joke among friends. We came up with the joke of fooling around with the prime minister. Me and a couple of friends were editing Wikipedia pages and it kinda went from there.

I thought it was just a stupid Internet thing that I would make a joke about, get above average amount of likes on Instagram and just totally forget about forever.”

The fun police soon arrived with their sirens blaring, as Wikipedias valiant editors quickly removedthe information and shut down his account after he tried to make an edit on the page, transforming the young lad from PM back to a regular boy.

Who knows, maybe one day he will actually become Prime Minister? At least we know that the people would rally behind him!

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