14 Awesome Non-British Men Who Could Be The Next James Bond

James Bond always likes his martini shaken, but it’s about time to stir things up.

With Daniel Craig hinting he may not return as 007 after the latest Bond installment, “Spectre,” the speculation over who will replace him has been out of control. Rumors have included everyone from famous actors to soccer players to even a member of One Direction. (Apparently, he’s just got that one thing.)

Now The Huffington Post newsrooms are getting in on the craze, too, with each HuffPost edition submitting our picks for the next Bond from our respective countries. So after hours of tireless debate, wishing we’d had a few of those martinis ourselves and arguing about things like Ryan Gosling’s “suav-itude,” allow us to introduce you to the potentials for your future Bond … James Bond.

  • 1. Arabi: Ahmed El Sakka

    Because as the most famous Arab action actor, he always wins in a very heroic way! And, most important, girls always fall for him.  – HuffPost Arabi (Image: Instagram/ahmedelsakaeg)
  • 2. Australia: Eric Bana

    Because its time for Bond to go tall, dark and handsome again. Also, Bana isnt an obvious choice (much like Daniel Craig wasnt) but we know he can do smooth, sophisticated and look good in a suit — plus Deadfall and Munich show he has no trouble beating people up on camera. Finally, all the girls in the Australian office agree they would go full Bond girl for Bana — all he needs now is a gun and a martini. – HuffPost Australia
  • 3. Brazil: Rodrigo Santoro

    Not only does he already have an international career, but he also has what it takes to be a 007 agent: charm and charisma! – HuffPost Brazil
  • 4. Canada: Ryan Reynolds

    Canada had a massive debate about this, with lots of opinions (let’s just say, Gosling’s suav-itude did not prevail). After all, Reynolds is a man of many talents, from big man on campus in Van Wilder to the Green Lantern to a new dad who isn’t afraid to express his feelings. And look how well he rocks a tuxedo. – HuffPost Canada
  • 5. France: Jean Dujardin

    Because he knows how to wear a tux and would probably take his martini “shaken, not stirred.” Hes one of president Ren Cotys most talented spies on duty in the OSS117 movies, which are obviously a James Bond parody. Jeans easily best man for the job. – HuffPost France
  • 6. Germany: Elyas M’Barek

    Because he’s attractive and alluring, he looks great in a suit and he’s a good actor. – HuffPost Germany
  • 7. Greece: Yiannis Stankoglou

    He is good-looking, suave, a little bit mysterious and quite selective in the roles he portrays in the theater. His public image — here in Greece, at least — is of a man with a cracking sense of humor and passion for his craft. – HuffPost Greece (Image: Facebook)
  • 8. Italy: Riccardo Scamarcio

    His listlessness, his green eyes and his youth would make for a brand new James Bond. – HuffPost Italy
  • 9. India: Milind Soman

    The image of Milind Soman emerging, shirtless, from a wooden container in the music video for Alisha Chinai’s pop hit ‘ Made In India‘ is firmly etched in the mind of everyone who was, well, alive in the ’90s. A national swimming champion who went on to become a supermodel, an actor and an entrepreneur, Soman is now also known for his passion for running (he completed the Ironman triathlon last year, on his first attempt). – HuffPost India (Image: Facebook/Milind Soman)
  • 10. Korea: Lee Byung-hun

    Looks good in suits. – HuffPost Korea
  • 11. Japan: Ken Watanabe

    He is a veteran actor appearing in many Western movies such as in “The Last Samurai.” He should be the most famous Japanese actor in the world now. – HuffPost Japan
  • 12. Spain: Antonio Banderas

    He is mature, attractive and he looks amazing in a tux. He is used to spending time with bombshells. Moreover, he is trained to fight (“Desperado,” “The Mask of Zorro” … ) so he has his own license to kill. – HuffPost Spain
  • 13. Quebec: Roy Dupuis

    Classy and elegant, yet fearless and rugged. The perfect mix to protect Her Majesty. – HuffPost Quebec 
  • 14. United States: Oscar Isaac

    He was born in Guatemala but is an American citizen, so it counts. Plus, cmon, is there a worthier Hollywood commodity these days than Oscar Isaac? He already has the fighting chops of an X-wing pilot and the swagger of a deranged tech titan with mad disco skills. It doesnt get more American than that. – HuffPost U.S.
  • And because who are we kidding … United Kingdom: Idris Elba

    Because it’s time for a black Bond. He’s British, enigmatic, good looking and takes care of himself in a dark alley, as demonstrated in “Luther.”  – HuffPost U.K.

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