15+ Before and After Italian Earthquake: Heartbreaking Photos Show Destroyed Towns In Italy

At least 247 people are so far reported to have been killed in the devastating earthquake that hit Italy on Wednesday. The epicentre of the 6.2 magnitude quake was in Norica, Umbria, approximately 100km north-east of Rome, and towns including Amatrice, Accumoli and Pescara del Tronto have been badly damaged. It’s only when you look at these before-and-after pictures however that you can really begin to understand the true level of destruction.

“My town isn’t here anymore,” said the mayor of Accumoli, Stefano Petrucci, as he surveyed what remains of his hometown. Most of Amatrice’s historic old town has been reduced to rubble and the quake caused houses to collapse down the hillside in Pescara del Tronto. Tremors rocked buildings as far away as Rome and survivors have described ‘apocalyptic’ scenes near Perugia, the capital of the Umbrian region popular with holidaymakers. Scroll below to see for yourself.

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