2 Friends In Japan Give 14 Robots An Incredible Ability, And You Can Now Hear It For Yourself

Technology is advancing at a incredibly fast pace. New phones are constantly being advertised, and it seems like there’s always a new gadget that every kid wants or needs.

Electronic devices truly rule our world! Just think about what we were using 10years ago, and 10years before that. It wasn’t so long ago that cell phones were the latest hot thing to hit the market and this was when they were much, much larger than they currently are.

It seems that robots are also taking over our world. They have started to replace human manual labor in several sectors, for example. And there is an ongoing debate about the place of these creations in our world.

Now, two friends in Japan are giving robots a new face by giving them an incredible ability: singing!

Tomomi Ota and Kansuke Nishida knew that the “Pepper” robots created bySoftBank Mobile and AldebaranRobotics weren’t seen in a favorable light in their country. Many people find the humanoid robot frightening because of how it looks, but also because of its ability to read emotions.

Together, they created the “Mirai Capsule Choir,” comprised of 14 of the Pepper robots, all singing their own parts in a rendition ofBeethoven’s “Symphony No. 9.”

It’saneerily beautiful sound. This truly is the work of the future!

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