22-pound, 2,000-year-old lump of butter found in Ireland

Image: twitter, the irish news, Cavan County Museum/PA Wire Ed Carty, PA

If you’re running low on dairy products, maybe you should check your local bog.

Jack Conway recently happened upon a 22-pound hunk of butter in the Emlagh bog in County Meath, Ireland, that is estimated to be 2,000 years old.

According to the Cavan County Museum,Jack Conway contacted the museum when he came across the disgusting 22-pound time capsule of butter while working near his home.

Bogs, which are wetlands with spongy soil, apparently have “excellent preservative properties low temperature, low oxygen and highly acidic environment,” according to the museum’s website.

Bog butter, which has actually been discovered more than once in recent times, is usually discovered in some sort of homemade container. Asreported by the Atlas Obscura, Conway found the ancientchunk free flowing in the wet soil.

The museum says they sent the lump to the National Museum’sConservation Department to be studied. According toThe Irish Times,Conway’s bog butter is now a creamy white dairy product, which smells like a strong cheese.

If a new kind of cheese comes out of this, it will have all been worth it.

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