5 things for Friday, August 26: Italy earthquake, nuns killed, Ryan Lochte

(CNN)Happy Friday. First, an apology. A glitch on our part sent the newsletter to your inboxes not at 6 a.m. but at noon yesterday. Embarrassing! It’s all good now. And here are 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.

1. Italy earthquake

    The ground won’t stop shaking in central Italy where aftershocks are rattling residents and making rescue work difficult in the earthquake-ravaged towns. The death toll is now 267 – and rising with each passing hour, as more bodies are dug out from the rubble. But then come the aftershocks, sending everyone scurrying for cover and raining more debris. And the work begins anew.

    2. Nuns killed

    Someone stabbed to death two nuns who spent their whole lives helping the poor. The nuns helped run a clinic in Lexington, Mississippi, and were much loved by doctors and residents. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the case – was it a break-in gone wrong, or was it something more sinister? Either way, it’s despicable.

    3. Campaign 2016

    We knew this year’s presidential election campaign was going to be the nastiest in memory. A pair of dueling speeches from Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton didn’t disappoint on that front. She called him a racist; he called her a bigot. So on and so forth. November can’t come fast enough.

    4. Migrant crisis

    Make some time and read this one story today. It’s an intimate look at the perilous journey migrants take from North Africa across the Mediterranean. CNN’s Moni Basu beautifully tells the story through two characters: John Hamilton, the captain of a search-and-rescue vessel, who looks for these overcrowded boats; and Mogahid Sabeel, who fled Darfur and hopes to put his college degree to use in Europe.

    5. Ryan Lochte

    Thought Lochtegate was over? Well, that wouldn’t be much fun, now would it? Rio cops have now charged him with falsely reporting a crime for his “I was robbed at gunpoint” fib. If convicted, he’ll pay a fine or be Lochte-up. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist). There will be no negotiations, Rio says.


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