A “Devastating” Earthquake Hit England, And The Brits’ Reactions Are Typically Hilarious

An earthquake hit the north of England on Saturday. The UK, not known for its faultlines, only very rarely gets earthquakes, and when it does they’re pretty measly affairs.

This one, which hit just outside of Grimsby, northeast Lincolnshire, was of magnitude 4.0, according to the USGS. It didn’t cause much damage to pretty much anything. Nevertheless, UK residents who felt the tremor tried to describe the chaos in as dramatic terms as possible.

“Our house moved and the furniture shifted,” one Twitter user wrote, for example. “Our bird fell off her perch and the dog went looking for the noise.”

Here are some of our favorite reactions from Brits terrified by the most devastating earthquake to hit the region since that one a few years ago that knocked over a bin.

This person had to repair massive damages to his property, but will forever remember the trauma.

Chaos and panic rang through the streets, with reports of cats meowing.

Towns were improved.

Prayers were said. 

And vows made.

Survivors emerged from the wreckage of what used to be Lincoln and continued to be Lincoln because Lincoln wasn’t really damaged in any way.

People mistook it for squirrels.

And many, many burns on Hull, Grimsby, and the surrounding areas were made.

We wish the whole of the North well in dealing with the aftermath of this devastating earthquake.

Source: http://www.iflscience.com

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