A Man Is Selling British Air In A Jar To The Chinese For A Ridiculous Sum

You can make money out of anything these days. That big breath you just took, it’s worth 80.

This isn’t a wind up. 27-year-old Leo De Watts is genuinely collecting airin the British countryside, shipping it over to China and selling it to mugs rich people. People in Beijing and Shanghai, where the air is pretty darn polluted, pay 80 for a few seconds of inhaling.

Aethaer products include air from Somerset, Wales and Dorset, with each area said to create air with different qualities.

According to the website:

Aethaer is filtered organically by nature as it flows between the leaves of woodland trees, absorbs pristine water as it passes over babbling brooks and forest streams, and is lovingly caressed as it rolls over and between mineral rich rock formations, after which it is blown up over vistas of untouched beauty to where the Aethaer is collected and bottled.

He has reportedly sold 180 bottles since launching the business a few weeks ago. What a weird world we live in.


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