A Mysterious Floating City Is Seen By Hundreds Of People In China

Finally, some footage of the rarely seen ‘City in the Sky’ reported from China.

There have been reports ever since 2011, indicating the ‘existence’ of this city, but there’s never been footage of the strange event. This video was captured by one Chinese resident in Foshan, and shortly thereafter the city was again seen floating around the province Jiangxi. Every instance has another thing in common, the view of the city left just as quickly as it came. As you can see, it looks just like a mass of skyscrapers in the clouds, so it really is an incredible sight to see.

So, with something this big and rarely seen, there’s got to be some way to explain what’s going on, right? Well, there’s been the obvious theory that it’s heaven, or a floating city built by the government. There’s even one theory stating that NASA is the one to blame, attempting to establish a new world order in a project known as ‘Blue Beam Project’, and personally, that one’s my favorite.

No, outside of the conspiracy theories and fan fiction, the real explanation is still remarkable. It’s an incredibly rare type of mirage known as a Fata Morgana, where the sun heats one layer of our atmosphere while the one right below continues to remain cool. Because these layers are all different temperatures, the density in them differentiates more than normal; so when light passes through it refracts. These refractions then actually mess with our brains, because the brain cannot comprehend that the light, seemingly beaming right at you, is refracted quickly enough – so these images in the sky are given birth. Basically, we see images of things higher in the sky because of light refraction!

These Fata Morgana are rare occurrences, but have been seen for centuries, and are named after Morgan le Fay – an enchantress from the tale of King Arthur. Some experts are also sure these are what caused the rumors of the Flying Dutchman! Now if that isn’t cool, I don’t know


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