Adorable German Shepherd Cant Stop Howling At His Favorite Movie

It’s important for families to get together as often as possible to spend time to bond with one another. With cell phones getting into younger and younger hands, the bond of family seems to be slowly disappearing as technology becomes a bigger part of all our lives.

But thankfully, it seems as if this American family still cherishes the enjoyment found with watching a movie together. Dad rented Disney’s newest hit, Zootopia, and this movie is sure to please the kids.

But Dad certainly wasn’t expecting another member of the family to be such a movie fan: the family dog!

The characters inZootopia are all sorts of animals, the only difference is that they can talk. But when one of the dogs in the movie begins to howl, it seems that this family pet knows how to speak as well!

At first, the beautiful German shepherd seemed a bit confused as to what he was looking at and hearing, but after a few moments, he quickly realized how rude he was being to the dog on the screen and began to howl right back.

After a little bit of back and forth, the whole family couldn’t hold back their smiles. The scene was done, and hopefully everyone could get back to watching things with a little more peace and quiet.

This dog must have quite the personality to be so talkative!


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