American Eagles Aerie Quit Photoshopping Ads2 Yrs Later, Heres What Happened to Sales

They ditched the airbrushing & embraced the “real”and the results are unbelievable!

Back in 2014, American Eagle launched a campaign through their Aerie line that has totally rocked the retail world. For decades, clothing brands have morphed models into unrealistic Barbie dolls with the aid of Photoshop. The unspoken belief has been that thin + sexy = sales.

Aerie, however, has just changed the game and proved that theory wrong with their #AerieReal campaign.

They’ve ditched the digitally enhanced photos and instead embraced a culture of real women. Aerie has not only incorporated more full-figured models into their advertisements, but they’ve also encouraged consumers to send in unretouched pictures of themselves to keep the body positive movement going.

A typical notion in our skinny-worshipping culture has been that you should really be 130 pounds or under to wear a bikini.

Well, advocates of Aerie’s new movement are here to show the world that that’s a load of crap. Anybody has a right to rock a beach bod and feel beautiful in their own skin.

Aerie has even partnered with the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to help combat the unhealthy self-image and destructive dieting habits associated with our supermodel-obsessed society.

They’re donating $1 for each unretouched photo submitted (up to $30,000) to support the organization.


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