Australian MP Proposes To Longtime Boyfriend While Debating Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Watch!

The “ayes” get a wedding invite!

An Australian MP proposed to his longtime boyfriend during the Parliament’s debate on whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage.

Tim Wilson fought back tears on Monday as he capped off his speech by turning to the public gallery to face his longtime love Ryan Patrick Bolger and saying:

“In my first speech, I defined our bond by the ring that sits on both of our left hands. They [the rings] are the answer to the question we cannot ask. So there is only one thing left to do. Ryan Patrick Bolger, will you marry me?”

We’re not crying — you’re crying!

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Wilson’s proposal to Bogler was met with a resounding “yes,” reaffirming the commitment they made almost a decade ago. The two have been engaged for nine years, but will soon be able to officially tie the knot with the promise of same-sex marriage legalization.

Earlier, Wilson said the national debate on same-sex marriage had been the “soundtrack” to their relationship. He also spoke on his own experience growing up as a gay teenager and dealing with the stigma surrounding homosexuality, adding:

“This bill rams a stake into the heart of that stigma and its legacy.”

The proposal, which is believed to be the first on the floor of the house, drew cheers and applause. The speaker congratulated the two before confirming Bolger’s response was officially on record.

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The House of Representatives started debating the bill on Monday, five days after it was passed in the Senate. Unless there are noteworthy amendments, a vote is likely to go down this week.

If any MP’s needed another incentive to vote “yes,” it’s scoring an invite to Wilson and Bolger’s upcoming nuptials. See the heartwarming moment for yourself (below)!

Congrats, you two!!!

[Image via CNN/Twitter.]


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