Australian Teen Gets Racist Abuse On Hidden Camera And Somehow Remains Cool The ENTIRE Time! Watch!

This is just so awful!

On Tuesday, a 19-year-old man from Brisbane, Australia, named Jerome Forbes, became the victim of a racist rant when he simply tried to strike up a conversation with a woman at a bus stop. SMH!

According to Jerome, all he did was walk up to the Mount Gravatt Plaza stop, smile, and attempt to chat with the older woman who was also waiting for the bus. This apparently offended the woman greatly as she “smirked” at him and began to making racist comments…

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In a smart move, Forbes pulled out his phone and began recording the conversation!

While the woman’s face cannot be seen, you can hear her ask the young man where he is from and then suggest he should go back to where he’s from. When the teenager attempted to explain he was born in Australia, the racist woman said outright she simply didn’t believe him. Ummm, what??

Sigh. Even Australia has Donald Trump voters…

Be sure to take a look at the CRAZY conversation for yourself in the video (below)!

P.S. We have to give this kid props for keeping his cool the WHOLE time. Well done.

[Image via YouTube.]

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