BBC Reporter Calls The Entire England Team A Bunch Of Overpaid Nonces Live On Air

England lost last night. In one of the most pathetic and shallow performances you’ve seen in the history of football, we saw our country crumble to a further extent than we’d already witnessed in the last five days. The proverbial pit of ash that we already were just got a little bigger and a lot more depressing.

How the mighty fall, eh? Who needs lions when you have three pussies on a shirt?

That being said, I probably wouldn’t accuse the team of paedophilia like a BBC reporter unwittingly did.

When reporting on the loss, she dismissed the whole 23-man team as “overpaid nonces”. Sure, they played a bad tournament and Sturridge should have his feet surgically removed as punishment but, come on… they’re not nonces. This isn’t the 70s.

To be fair, I doubt she actually dwelled on the connotations of the word and just went for the first insult that came to mind but, you know, she is a professional.

Roll on 2018 when we can all say “I think this might actually be the year, guys” again. Can’t wait.

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