Beach Evacuated As Shark Nearly As Big As Jaws Spotted Off Australian Coast

If ever you needed further proof that Australia is an evil evil place full of beasts that look like they’ve spent too much time next to a burst nuclear reactor and WANT to kill you… here it is.

A beachon the South Coast of Australia had to be evacuated after the sighting of a gargantuan shark reportedly measuring at 22 feet, only three feet of the 25-er Jaws. You know, the fictional killing machine that ate a boat?


A warning went up on the Shark Alerts South Australia page warning beach goers…

A Facebook user was quick to add fuel to the sharky fire with this comment:

“Was fishing off my kayak on that reef from 10am till the moment the sirens and the chopper flying near me seemed to be following something.

“I could just hear the swimming carnivool being cancelled which brought to my attention that if i stick around i may become aaah snack.”

Not really sure what “aaah” means but you know… roll with it.

I’m telling you, the seas does more harm than good. You can’t even drink it! And when you go for a swim, you might leave with a few less limbs! Pave it over and turn it into a car park…

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