Betchocracy 2016: Hey Canada, U Up?

And then there was one. This was both a fun and depressing week in the election cycle, which pretty much sums up where politics are in our country right now. Book those plane tickets to Toronto, because you wont want to live here much longer!

Bye Felicias

After a crushing defeat in Indiana, this week marked the end of the road for lizard person Ted Cruz and misguided Berenstain Bear John Kasich. Unfortunately, this makes Donald Trump the presumptive nominee for the Republicans. At this point, theres really nothing to be done to stop him from getting the nomination, so its time to stop talking about it like a joke.


The Republicans brought the drama this week, but Hillary Clinton was quick to shove Bernie aside and focus on attacking Trump. Shes more than likely to win the nomination at this point, so she doesnt want to waste any time that could be used reminding people that Trump is a racist. Aaaand Bernie is still vowing that he will win, because he doesnt like math.

Bush & Bush Are Out

Trumps nomination is dividing a lot of people, and this week reports started circulating that both former President Bushs will sit this election cycle out. Theyre probably still bitter about how bad Jeb got beaten, but no matter what they wont be campaigning for Trump. Theyre finally doing something that makes sense!

Cinco De Trump

Donald Trump loves Twitter, and so he posted a fun little Cinco De Mayo picture of himself with a taco bowl, claiming that the best ones are made at Trump Tower, and that he loves Hispanics! If only he were trolling this election, because he would be doing an awesome job.


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