Bloody England Fan Dragged To Safety Following Battering From Russian Fans

A video has surfaced of an England fan who had to be dragged to safety after taking a bit of a battering from Russian fans. The person filming comes across the man face down in a puddle of blood.

The footageshows a numberof fans ignoring the manuntil finally someonedrags him to safety.

51-year-old Andrew Bache, another fan, has beenleft in a coma after he was reportedly beaten over the head with either a hammer or an iron bar.

Mr Bache, a Portsmouth fan, was said to be hovering between life and death in a hospital in Marseille.His son, Harry, has flown to France from Australia to see him.

Despite England manager Roy Hodgson and Wayne Rooney releasing a video urging fans to avoid trouble, six England fans have been jailed and banned from France after bottling a police officer.

French prosecutors said that 150 Russians were behind the most serious clashes ahead of the 1-1 draw on Saturday night.

Theresa May has said some England fans had behaved inexcusably, but added: The French and Uefa will rightly be asking themselves searching questionsabout how the segregation of fans within the Vlodrome stadium broke down.

Both the French government and Uefa are under pressure to avoid more trouble, with Russias next game taking place just 24 miles away from Englands match against Wales on Thursday.

Tonight the Welsh FA revealed French authorities were made aware of a powerful group of Russian thugsarriving in France last week.

Brice Robin, chief prosecutor of Marseille, admitted hisofficers were overwhelmed during four days of violence involving England supporters.

“I don’t want to go as far as to suggest these are professionals but they are extreme and well-trained,” Mr Robin told the media, as he reacted with shock to the ferocity of the Russian attacks.

The organised ‘paramilitary-style’ Russian Ultras were “hyper-fast” and “hyper-violent”, he added.The squad that ambushed drunk fans during a wave of attacksinside and outside the Stade Velodrome all managed to evade police.

In light of this violence, Russia have this morning been given a150,000 fine, and a suspended disqualification, which means that if Russian fans cause any more violence, the country will be disqualified from the competition.

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