Brazilian alderman caught surfing Pornhub at city council meeting

Brazil is in a whole lot of turmoil right now. The country’s president is heading toward impeachment, everyone’s pretty worried about the Olympics, and the only thing that can be counted on is the fogosoacomfort of porn. Especially at local city council meetings.

Alderman and architecture professor Lino Peres was attempting to erect something other than a building when a fellow Florianpolis citizen snapped a photo of him casually cruising Pornhub on Wednesday morning. The councilman giving a thumbs up in the background really sets the mood for whatever Peres is about to enter into the search bar.

Peres has yet to address his exhibitionist porn-searching habits. According to a Brazilian online publication, dude’s totally convinced he’s got a virus on his computer. He reportedly even complained during the meeting that his equipment was faulty, which kind of sounds like a personal problem.

Expected to make a statement later on Wednesday, Peres may have already lost the trust of the Brazilian public with his graphic faux pas. Just look at this disgruntled citizen’s comment on the real issue at hand:


Amateur move, alderman.

Update 3:01pm CT, April 27: Peres is now trying to defend himself by linking to a YouTube video that… does not exist. Good job.

Oh, waithere it is.

In the absence of a capable Portuguese translator, we’re just gonna have to assume he’s saying “I love porn” over and over.


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