Brazilian jaguar’s killing prompts calls for curbs on use of wild animals

Animal welfare groups condemn use of jungle cat like a trophy on display after jaguar was shot having escaped after an Olympic torch ceremony

Animal welfare groups in Brazil have called for restrictions on the showcasing of once-wild animals following the lethal shooting of a jaguar that escaped its handlers after an Olympic torch ceremony in the Brazilian Amazon.

The 17-year-old female which had been given the name Juma was killed at a zoo in Manaus attached to a military training centre where the Olympic event took place.

The jungle cat which is on the list of near-threatened species was supposed to have been tranquillised, but freed itself from its shackles and approached a soldier who killed it with a single shot.

The military which operates the zoo where Juma was kept said the killing was necessary to protect the team that was trying to recapture her.


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