Brazilian Judge Denies Request To Dismiss Ryan Lochte’s Criminal Case And The Swimmer Might Soon Face A VERY Big Fine!

Things aren’t getting any easier for Ryan Lochte even as the media chaos from his summer in Rio has died down.

The Olympic swimming star may have gotten out of Brazil without facing jail time, but his lawyers are still working on trying to get his pending charges in the robbery-turned-vandalism case dismissed… and they are having little success.

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This week, a judge in the Brazilian Court of Justice denied the Lochte team’s request to dismiss his criminal case, and in doing so, also transferred the case to an even higher court!

The case will now be heard in the Ministry of Justice which, according to TMZ, is set to center on exactly how big of a fine they ought to levy on the swimmer.

A court rep there in Rio assumes that the fine for Lochte will be significantly greater than the $11,000 paid by Jimmy Feigen, Lochte’s teammate who also had to set things right with prosecutors.

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Apparently, you can look out for a decision in this case perhaps even as early as this coming week. Wow!

But hey, Ryan, it’s better than jail time, isn’t it???

[Image via ABC.]


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