British Business Lays Outs Election Demand for Good Brexit Deal

The British Chambers of Commerce issued its demands to the next government on Tuesday, saying a good Brexit deal is important, but only if the domestic policies to back it up are in place.

Its priorities in its manifesto for the June 8 election are “frictionless future trade arrangements” with the European Union, no new business taxes for the next Parliament and delivery of investment in transport and telecommunications infrastructure. As part of a Brexit deal, it wants protection for EU nationals in the U.K. and an immigration system that doesn’t cut companies off from vital skilled labor.

“While businesses all across the U.K. want a good Brexit deal, they are very clear that decisions taken here at home matter as much — if not more,” said BCC Director General Adam Marshall. “Business communities want a clear commitment from all parties to create the best possible conditions for growth.”

The U.K. economy slowed more than expected in the first quarter. Faster inflation is undermining consumer spending following the pound’s depreciation following last year’s referendum. Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to leave the EU’s single market, which economists say will reduce trade and weigh on economic growth.


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