British cities are making the Brangelina split all about them

Britain is up in arms over the Brangelina split.
Image: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/kentlive/mashable composite

LONDON If ever you needed 100%, cast-iron proof that the Brangelina split has sent shockwaves rippling across the entire planet, just look at some of the local UK news headlines the separation has generated.

As Pitt issued a statement and Adele dedicated a show to the couple, local British newspapers were busy finding their own unique takes on the story.

Some of the headlines followed a similar patter.

Hope you’re happy, Brangelina. Birmingham will never be the same.

Did you think about Bristol at ALL before before you made this decision?

The people of Liverpool are also not happy.

At least Manchester could see the funny side, though.

In other British cities, local papers took a slightly different take.

This is certainly a unique angle on the whole thing.

“As Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt,” reads the story, “we couldn’t help but remember that time the actor spent some time in our fair city.”

But the greatest article of all undoubtedly came from Kent.

The best line?

“Five years on Morrisons has reopened and closed.

“And Brad Pitt still hasn’t filmed in Tunbridge Wells.”

Never forget.

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