British Passenger Plane Dodges Missile Above Sharm El Sheikh

Its been a tough week for people in Sharm El Sheikh. In the wake of the downing of a Russian jet in the Sinai Peninsula, it is now being reported that a British passenger plane was forced to dodge a missile.

A Thomson flight carrying 189 passengers from London Standsted came within 1000ft of the rocket back in August, but thankfully it went on to land safely.

A source told the

The crew were told about the missile after they landed. The official line, coming from the Department for Transport, is that it wasnt a targeted attack, but “likely to be connected to routine exercises being conducted by the Egyptian military in the area at the time”.

This is likely to add further weight on the fears surrounding the security of flights in the area.There are still thousands of British holidaymakers stranded in Sharm, trying to board the small number of flights thatare permitted to take off.

The latest reports suggest that eight out of the 29 flights scheduled for Britain managed to leave on Friday, bringing 1417 passengers home. There is thought to be around 20,000 Britons in the area.

Lets hope they all get home safely.

H/T: Sky News


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