British Tourist Complains Nice Attack That Killed 84 Ruined Her Shopping Trip

At least 84people, including parents and children, werekilled in a terror attack in Nice last night. A lorry drove at speed into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in southern France.

The driver ploughed through thePromenade des Anglais at about 23:00 local time, before being shot dead by police.

There was, of course, lots of news coverage of the tragedy, and forone woman interviewed by Sky News the first thing about it wasthat it spoiled ourshopping trip.

A Sky News reporter got hold of Lucy Nesbitt-Comaskey and asked her to give her perspective as a British tourist in the area.

She replied: The first thing about it and I know this is awful and maybe a bit selfish but it did spoil our shopping trip.

We bought all these lovely shopping [sic] and now I cant be bothered with it it just doesnt mean anything now.

Lots of people noticed the comment, and one person even posted it to Twitter:

People were understandably outraged by her comments, though a few did come to her defense and point out that was clearly in shock when spoke to Sky News.

She later took to Facebook to apologise for her comments, saying:

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