Canadian Company Is Handing Out Free Baby Goods To 1,500 Expectant Mothers

In 1938, the Finnish governmentintroduced an incredible tool to encourage a baby boom.

It was a maternity package, cardboard “baby boxes” that came equipped with all the essentials that a mother would need to care for and protect her baby: a mattress, sheets, clothing, diapers, and more.

Today, these Finnish baby boxes contain snowsuits, insulated mittens, hooded bath towels, bath thermometers, and even picture books and teething toys.

The purpose was to give all babies an equal start in life, no matter their socioeconomic circumstance.

Now, Canada is hoping to care for its mothers and babiesin the same way. With the help of the Baby Box Company, a program at the University of Calgary will distribute 1,500 baby boxes across the province of Alberta.

Hopefully this initiative will be a huge success, and will inspire widespread practice across Canada.

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[H/T: Calgary Herald]


Maternity packages have been around for decades.

It first started around 77 years ago in Finland. The government would supply all expectant mothers with large cardboard boxes with necessities for the baby.


This “starter kit” of baby clothes, sheets, diapers, socks, and toys was designed to help mothers navigate their first few weeks of living with a new baby.

The box could even double as a little cot, and was made to reduce the risk of suffocation and sleep-related causes of infant death.

These genius “baby boxes” was a big reason why Finland came to have one of the worlds lowest infant mortality rates.


Now, organizations in Canada are looking to start a similar program for first-time mothers.

Backed by a $500,000 government grant, the University of Calgary is looking to distribute 1,500 baby boxes to expectant mothers in the province of Alberta.


These boxes will be given by the Baby Box Company, whichhas been selling baby boxes for a few years.

Their boxes provide a safe sleeping environment for infants up to eight months, and contain baby essentials that are nontoxic and environmentally safe.


Experts, from doctors and delivery nurses to health advocates and sleep professionals, work with the company to handpick essentials, including firm foam-padded mattresses, fitted sheets, clothing, mittens, teething toys, bath supplies, a “Snuggle Buddy,” and a soothing security blanket.

Boxes also come with education materials for first-time parents.


The mission of this project is to give parents both material and educational resources to give their babies the best start to life possible.

With these boxes, parents can save money, feel more confident about their preparation, and know how to prevent accidental deaths.


What we find is that theres a lot of families in that transition who dont know what they dont know, University of Calgary professor Karen Benzies told the Calgary Herald.

Theyre bombarded with so much media, so many calls to buy this expensive gizmo, buy that expensive this or that.

By receiving a box of essentials and goods directly, expecting mothers will be able to give their babies a strong start in life, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

The Baby Box Company has partnered with various other organizations to distribute boxes to many diverse communities.


With this initiative, its like saying to new parents, Youre important, we value you and your role. We want to provide you with the supports that youre going to need to help you through this transition because youre going to be successful, but every parent needs a little help, said Professor Benzies.

In addition to receiving a free goodies box, mothers will have the opportunity to pair up with another more experienced mom.

Experienced parents will take on a mentorship role, and attempt to spot any signs of postpartum depression early during the pregnancy.

If the program sees positive and successful results, it may eventually be made available to all mothers across Canada.

As of January 2016, the Baby Box Company is partnering with government agencies, hospitals, and nonprofits in 20 U.S. states to distribute baby boxes for free to families.

Programs are launching in 12 other countries abroad, and boxes can currently be shipped to 52 countries worldwide.

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