Canadian Miners Found a Dinosaur So Well Preserved, It Looks Like a Sculpture

Photograph by Caleb M. Brown et al

A recent article in The Atlantic highlights a dinosaur that was found by miners in Canada that was so well-preserved it could have been mistaken for a sculpture. Discovered by construction worker Shawn Funk in March 2011, the find has been hailed as one of the best-preserved armoured dinosaurs in the world.

As per The Atlantic:

The dinosaur that Funk unearthed—a 110-million-year-old creature named Borealopelta—was one of the ankylosaurs—a group of heavy-set, low-slung, tank-like dinosaurs. It lacked the shin-thwacking tail clubs that some of its relatives wielded, but its back was covered in heavy, armored scales, and a pair of 20-inch-long spikes jutted from its shoulders. It weighed 1.5 tons and was 20 feet from foot to tail.

Photograph by Caleb M. Brown et al

You can read the full paper: “An Exceptionally Preserved Three-Dimensional Armored Dinosaur Reveals Insights into Coloration and Cretaceous Predator-Prey Dynamics” here. Credit to: Caleb M. Brown, Donald M. Henderson, Jakob Vinther, Ian Fletcher, Ainara Sistiaga, Jorsua Herrera, Roger E. Summons.

You can also learn more about the amazing discovery on The Atlantic and National Geographic


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