Canadian Tourists Were Surprised When A Giant Blue Whale Emerged From The Water

Despite how many whale and dolphin watching tours I have gone on, I’ve only ever seen one whale in my life.

Every sightseeing tour on the ocean I’ve ever been on, we constantly see families of dolphins, but the amount of whales we see are slim to none.

Meanwhile, I feel like every single day I come acrossanother post on social media about a whale being sighted. One friendly whale waved to a bunch of workers after washing ashore!

While on a whale-watching tour in Quebec, tourists were in for a really big treat. They spotted a whale in the distance, and everyone was very excited to finally see one!

But they’re in for a big surprise when the dark spot in the water quickly starts approaching them. Very quickly, the whale is right by their boat! Could you imagine seeing a whale this close?

The whale isn’t afraid of humans at all! It breaches the water, and if I were there, I’d have thought the whale was saying hello! These tourists definitely got their money’s worth on this tour. I wish I’d been able to experience that in person! But I imagine it would be a little scary, too.

If you enjoyed this, then you will love this video of a mama whale lifting her baby up above the water to see some friendly tourists.

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