Couple Enlists Bridesmaids To Perform Irish Step Dance

I’m getting to that age where I’m suddenly finding myself responding to a lot more wedding invitations. It’s just another part of becoming a full-grown adult – sometimes in your late 20s and early 30s, you find that you and all your friends have started settling down and making babies. Every wedding is different, but there are some ideas that tend to be seen often. One of the ones that we see here at Wimp quite a lot is some kind of surprise performance. I’m not entirely sure when the trend started to have a “Talent” segment at every wedding, but it certainly has its moments.

James and Roisin decided to go the couple’s route, but with a slight twist. First, Roisin’s bridesmaids don neon green dresses and come out to do a traditional Irish step dance for the wedding guests. While that is breathtaking in its own right, all the guests are really stunned when the music changes and the bride herself comes out in a neon green dress and shows off her own spectacular step-dancing skills!

Just when they think they’ve seen it all, though, the guests are in for another shock. Everyone present already knew that Roisin was a dancer, but nobody expected to see James, the groom, come up and blow everyone away with his fantastic footwork. It’s no wonder the couple got a standing ovation from the crowd at the end of their performance.

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H/T: Bobby McKeown


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