Couples Perform Traditional Filipino Tinikling Dance With Torches

I love learning about all the different cultures around the world, especially when it comes to observing their more festive traditions. It’s fascinating to see all the different ways they incorporate dance into their celebrations. No matter how dissimilar we might seem from each other on the outside, the custom of embracing the rhythm and movement with their own unique music can be found in pretty much every area throughout history.

One of my favorites has always been Irish stepdancing. As someone with a bit of the “Emerald Isle” in my ancestry, it always makes me smile to see those feet flying through the air! I also loved joining inwith my best friend, who’s half-Indian, for an impromptu bhangra circle at her wedding. Everyone has something in their lineage they can point to like that, even if it’s just a silly habit of alwaysdoing the “Chicken Dance” at your family functions!

I have to say, this is my first time ever seeing a dance with quite this much excitement involved.Known as atinikling dance, it originates from the Philippines and involves an elaborate use of long bamboo sticks tapping a beat along beneath the performers’ feet. I have enough trouble not falling over during a simple waltz; I can’t imagine how much practice it must take to get this choreography down!

It’s mesmerizing to watch their legs jump at just the right moment. I’m also super impressed by the brave dancers who decided to go without shoes for the routine.

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