Donald Trump Believes Philippines’ Leader’s Plan To Slaughter Millions Of Drug Users Is ‘The Right Way’

It’s not just China and Taiwan where

According to a video released by Duterte on Saturday, The Donald had much to say in their phone call:

“[Trump] was quite sensitive also to our worry about drugs. And he wishes me well… in my campaign and he said that… we are doing it as a sovereign nation, the right way. He was wishing me success in my campaign against the drug problem.”

Duterte is a man who has vowed that he’d be “happy to slaughter” as many as three million drug addicts, and even himself likened his anti-drug campaign in the Philippines to that of Adolf Hitler‘s Holocaust during World War II.

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And for Trump, of course, this man is going about things “the right way.” What the what?!?!

Trump’s America — and the ideals is apparently espouses — is becoming more and more horrifying by the day.

[Image via CBS.]


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