Donald Trump sounds smooth and sophisticated with a British accent

You want somebody to seem smarter? Give them a British accent. You want somebody to be sexier? An English intonation is the way to go. You want to feel more sophisticated, measured, and reasonable? Go British or go home.

And does that formula apply to a Donald Trump rant about Hillary Clinton? You’re bloody right it does. Check out this latest creation by English comedian and actor Peter Serafinowicz.

But it also sounds like you can’t fool the British. An online petition created this week that would ban Trump from entering the U.K. amassed more than 560,000 signatures, and when asked about Trump’s Muslim rhetoric, U.K. prime minister David Cameron, speaking in a British accent, said, “If he came to visit our country, I think he would unite us all against him.”

It appears as though Trump hasn’t responded to Cameron or the petitionperhaps he’s too busy trying to figure outhow to handle Michael Mooreand his signsbut he might be plotting his next job in case reality and gravity combine to crash his poll numbers.

Perhaps, with a new accent in his pocket that makes him sound both dashing and intelligent, he could invade England, fire Cameron, and then take his job.

H/T Someecards |Screengrab viaDonald Trump/YouTube | Remix by Jason Reed


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