Dozens Dead After Truck Hits Crowd In Further Attacks On France

Incredibly sad news has come out of France this evening, with the latest reports suggesting that 75people have lost their lives, and more than 100 more are injured, following an attack on the city of Nice.

A lorry struck a crowd during tonight’s Bastille Day celebrations. A crowd, believed to be in the thousands, had lined the streets to watch a fireworks display which was just finishing as the incident occurred.

One eye witness told BFM TV:

“Everyone was calling run, run, run there’s an attack run, run, run. We heard some shots. We thought they were fireworks because it’s the 14th of July.”

“There was great panic. We were running too because we didn’t want to stick around and we went into a hotel to get to safety.”

Anti-terrorism investigators have now taken over. Earlier reports suggested that the attacker had taken hostages, but this has since been denied. Pierre-Henry Brandet, a spokesman for the interior ministry, told AFP:

There is no hostage-taking.An individual drove a truck into the crowd. He was killed by police.Investigations are currently under way to establish if the individual acted alone or if he had accomplices who might have fled.

Our thoughts go out to the people affected at this terrible time.

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