Drivers in China stick reflective ‘ghost’ decals on cars to stop high-beamers

Image: taobao

Some drivers in China think they’ve found an ingenious way of deterring people from driving with their high beam headlights on behind them.

They’re buying these creepy reflective decals for their rear windows, that illuminate when a car behind has its high beam on.

The decals often feature female vampires and movie monsters from Eastern and Hollywood films.

Image: taobao

The stickers are not very noticeable in the dark, but are designed to light up when a bright light is shone on them. And then, boo!

You can buy the decals fairly inexpensively; they go for roughly between $3 and $18 on sites like Taobao.


Many of the listings specifically note that the decals are meant to work when the rear car has its high-beam flicked on.



But traffic police in some states have warned against using the scary stickers, because they could cause traffic accidents. Police in Shandong say they’ll issue 100 yuan ($15) fines to drivers using ghoulish decals.

In Beijing, police say [Chinese] it’s not illegal to have the decals on, but the driver may have to bear responsibility of any accidents that result from scaring another driver with them.

If you want to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities, there are other decals to get your message across.

Stores on Taobao sell decals that get straight to the point: “Turn off your f*cking high beam.”

Image: tmall


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