Drop Everything, There’s A George Costanza-Themed Bar In Australia

The great George Costanza once said that if he owned a company, “my employees would love me. They’d have huge pictures of me up the walls and in their home, like Lenin.”

Well, it’s not a whole company, but there is now an entire bar dedicated to the beloved, neurotic “Seinfeld” character, complete with not only huge pictures of him on the walls, but a namesake menu, too. 

George’s Bar in Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, opened on New Year’s Eve. It’s dedicated to all things Costanza, quoting the character on its walls and telling customers to “Be more like George.”

“George Costanza suits a bar in a lot of ways,” co-owner and operator Dave Barrett told the Sydney Morning Herald. “The humor around George works.”


The bar is so great, even actor Jason Alexander himself approves. “That’s right, I may not have an Emmy, but I got me a bar in Australia. G’day, mates,” he tweeted. 

No word on whether or not the bathroom mirror makes you feel like Robert Wagner. 

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