Drunk Russian Sailor Crashes 7,000-Ton Ship Full Speed Into Scotland

If you’re anything like us, you probably woke up at some point this weekend, rolled over and sent the obligatory “umm, so what did we do last night” Whatsapp to your group chat.

Unfortunately for this Russian sailor, crashing into Scotland – yes, we do mean the actual country – was the rude awakening he needed to get him out of his drunken slumber.

This guy, who was driving the 423ft cargo ship – the Lysblink Seaways vessel – from Belfast to Norway, was eight times over the national limit when he crashed the massive boat on the west side of Scotland, near Kilchoan. The ship – obviously – has a zero alcohol policy for it’s captains, so looks like this sailor is going to be in a spot of bother for drinking half a litre of rum at the helm…

A company spokesperson said:

“What happened on the ship was completely irresponsible. We have a very clear and very clearly communicated zero-tolerance alcohol policy which cannot be misunderstood. We have never seen an officer having violated the policy before and we have never before seen such negligence of our safety procedures. The officer is no longer employed by DFDS. We hope this will not cast a shadow over our other officers who rightfully enjoy a very good reputation.”

It’s pretty clear what they’ll be doing with this drunken sailor (early in the morning).


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