England Could Be Kicked Out Of Euro 2016, Warns UEFA

Uefa have warned that England could be booted out of EURO 2016 if the scenes that overshadowed the game against Russia happen again.

The warning, extended to both the English and Russian FAs, says that it will not hesitate to impose further sanctions.

In a statement, UEFA said iturged the FA and the RFU to appeal to reporters to behave in a responsible and respectful manner.

“UEFA expresses its utter disgust for the violent clashes that occurred in the city centre of Marseille, and its serious concern for the incidents at the end of the match inside Stade Vlodrome.

“This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and has no place in football.”

Russia have been toldthat they could face sanctions for violence from its fans following the final whistle at thegame last night.

The minority really have been ruining it for the majority. Let’s hope it stops and that we can continue to enjoy the tournament.


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