Facebook accidentally greeted Filipino users with an inverted flag for Independence Day

A giant Philippine flag is raised during a ceremony to celebrate the 118th Philippine Independence Day rites at the Rizal Park Sunday, June 12, 2016.
Image: bullit marquez/AP

Filipino Facebook users were unimpressed by the social network accidentally displaying an inverted flag to accompany its Independence Day greeting to the country on Sunday.

The flag is usually displayed with the blue side on top. By flipping it to have the blue on the bottom, it indicates that the country is officially at war.

The gaffe is made all the more embarrassing since Facebook just opened its new Philippines office in April.

Facebook sent a statement of apology to The Star, saying: “This was unintentional, and we’re sorry.

“We care deeply about the community in the Philippines and, in an attempt to connect people on Independence Day, we made a mistake.”

The Philippines is one of Facebook’s most active user bases in the region, and growing. It has over 91% of the online population, with 49 million users in the country, it says.

About under half of the country is connected, according to InternetLivestats data.

The Philippines on Sunday celebrated its 118th year of independence from Spain, after over 300 years of rule.

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