Family Of 12 Performs Irish Stepdance

It would be one thing to simply show you a talented dance troupe. It would be more impressive to tell you that the members were all siblings. The craziest thing of all, though, is the fact that this dancing family doesn’t stop with fancy footwork. While each of them has learned a variety of dancing styles, every last one of them is also a proficient multi-instrumentalist and a singer to boot. They also enjoy a wide variety of other creative pastimes like painting, but there’s no brushes or canvases in this video.

Instead, you get a fun performance that shows of this family’s diverse array of musical chops. No question, whatever their parents are making them for breakfast, it seems to be working. These kids (well, most of them are still kids!) are full of energy and life as they put a modern, eclectic spin on traditional Celtic dancing. What’s more, they’re not just out there, mindlessly striving for precision and glory. They’re in it to have fun and entertain others. That’s obvious from their smiling faces and the noticeable bounce in their steps.

These siblings have been featured on TLC, America’s Got Talent, and an endless stream of talk shows and live appearances. It’s pretty wild to think of two siblings getting along well enough to go on performing tours, let alone a dozen of them, but this family somehow manages to keep that presumable chaos under control, as far as we can tell. We certainly hope to see more youngsters dedicating themselves to great pursuits like this as well, even if they don’t form a family band.

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H/T: AllDanceMedia


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