Former Mexican President Mocks Trump By Naming The One Wall He’d Pay For

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has found one wall that he would be willing to pay for.

Fox, who famously said in 2016 that “I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall,” responded over the weekend to a tweet by comic Andy Kindler that referred to the mounting legal problems surrounding those close to President Donald Trump

Fox’s reply: 

In 2016, Fox apologized for how he worded his comments about the wall Trump wants to build on the border with Mexico to keep out immigrants. 

“If I offended you, I’m sorry,” he told Breitbart. “But what about the other way around?”

Trump accepted, calling the apology “very nice,” but Fox has remained a vocal critic. At one point, Fox mockingly announced his plan to run against Trump in 2020. Earlier this year, he warned the president to “get your shit together.”



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