Former Mexican President Scorches Trump Over Taco Bowls

Once again, Vicente Foxhas some choice words for Donald Trump.

The former Mexican president blasts Trumps food and drink choicesin a new video from Super Deluxe, in which he also denounces Trumps planto build a pointless wall of hate between the U.S. and Mexico.

Remember that time Trump posed with a taco bowlon Cinco de Mayo, saying he love[s] Hispanics? Huge mistake, Fox points out.

[Taco bowls] are shit, he says in the video. They are not even Mexican. Why is the bowl made out of tortilla? Just eat a f**king taco.

He later pokes fun at Trumps soda habitand notes that the billions of dollars proposed for the wall project could make a significant dent in ending world hunger.

Watch above for the full roast.


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