France Is At War’: President Vows To Destroy Terrorism In Powerful Speech

On the home front, Hollandesuggested that France extend their ‘state of emergency’ for three months, so that the police can continue the stream of anti-terrorism raids they have been conducting across the country since the weekend.

He wantstointroduce an amendment to the constitution that will mean dual-citizens in France can be stripped of their French citizenship, and barred from the country if they pose a terrorism risk.

Friday’s attacks killed at least 129 people, and as the French President said:

“We remember the innocents who died as they were mowed down by armed gunmen in the streets of Paris and in its suburbs.

We think of the hundreds of young people, young boys and girls who have been traumatised by the attacks. Some are still fighting for their lives.”

But Hollande was determined that France would remain strong despite what has happened. He referred to the gunmen as ‘cowards’, and argued that France had beaten muchmore formidable enemies in the past.

He ended his speech by saying:

“Terrorism will notdestroy the Republic, because the Republic will destroy terrorism.

Vive la Rpublique et vive la France”

The French MPs then sang their national anthem.

Our thoughts are with everybody affected by the Paris attacks.


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