France Is Opening Three New Wine Museums, Pack Your Bags

Finally, theres a museum betches can get behind, and obviously, it involves the ancient art of getting drunk. Burgundy (in case the education system failed you: the region in France, not the color) just approved the opening of not one, but three new wine museums in Beaune, Macon, and Chablis. At this time, please take a moment of silence for all the betches who did/will do their study abroad in France before the museums open in 2020, because being so close and yet so far is a fucking tragedy.

Wannabe French betches already know that the Bordeaux Cit du Vin has a bunch of information about wine, but the Cits des Vins de Bourgogne is different because its specific to Burgundy, aka the place where literally all your fav wine comes from. Regional officials decided that this was the best way to increase tourism to the area, and tbh theyre not wrong. The museum will basically tell you everything you need to know about Burgundy wine if youre a pretentious asshole, but after the snoozefest, you can taste different varieties and drunkenly buy it in bulk at the end.

Between the museums and the wine theme park in Bordeaux, theres basically no reason not to start applying for French citizenship ASAP.


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