Frozen Russian Sidewalk Has An Icy “Fast Lane”

Have you ever noticed that whenever there’s a video that comes out about people doing something crazy/awesome in the wintertime, it’s often from Russia? While Russia does enjoy some gorgeous summers, it has historically been known for its brutally cold winters.

These winters famously repelled invaders like Napoleon and Hitler, so it’s fair to say that the Russian psyche and approach to life has been, in some form or other, shaped by the snow and ice.

Where most of us would see a slippery slope and an icy, potentially pelvis-shattering fall, Russian commuters saw opportunity. In this video taken by Russian YouTuber Ashkat Bardinov, we see busy commuters walking up and down a sidewalk along (reportedly) Nevsky Prospect, the main/central road in St. Petersburg. It being winter time, there’s a predictable dusting of snow on the concrete, but there is a smooth strip of ice off to the side.

Since the sidewalk is going slightly downhill, some of the more adventurous pedestrians heading in that direction decide to slide on the ice – almost like ice skating. The ice easily propels them forward, and it seems the ice strip is a popular option as one person after another glides down.

It should be noted that further to the right, there are people who are simply walking in that same direction. For those in a rush, however, now there’s a “fast lane.”

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