‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 has done some ‘really amazing’ scenes in Spain

The Roman Bridge and the CathedralMosque of Crdoba, which serves as the Long Bridge of Volantis on 'Game of Thrones.'
Image: Alex Segre/REX/Shutterstock

Amid its tangled web of plot twists and murder, Game of Thrones has always been a visual spectacle the likes of which have rarely been seen on television. Christina Moore, the show’s art director, promises the show’s Season 7 filming in Spain will deliver.

“All I can say is this was the longest time weve been filming in Spain this year, and weve done some really amazing, amazing scenes,” Moore said at a lecture at the University of the Basque Country. “So its going to be really exciting.”

Moore has been with the show since Season 3, overseeing visual elements from scene design to costumes and lighting. She coordinates teams filming simultaneously in Spain, Croatia, Northern Ireland and more.

“We dont want it to look like Spain or Croatia or Morocco,” Moore elaborated. “We want it to look like the world of Game of ThronesThats part of our job in the art department, to have a visual language that works for each distinct world. It could be to do with color, it could be to do with architecture.”

She spoke highly of the filming experience, particularly in Spain, where the show has a devoted following.

“In the rest of Europe it is very noticeable that they do it for the money, but in Spain they are followers of the series that come with enthusiasm,” Moore said of the extras filming in Season 5’s “The Dance of Dragons.” “That day we had to use 600 extras, who were singing and in excellent humor even though it was a scorching sun.”

Yup, that’s us Game of Thrones fans. Committed, patient…and willing to be slightly burned.

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