German Nationalists Accidentally Call For Their Own Deportation, And The Internet Freaks Out

Germany’s National Democratic Party (NPD), known for its pro-white and anti-migrant stance, became the subject of social media ridicule on Wednesday after it appeared to inadvertently go against its own ideology and call for the deportation of German nationals.

The party posted a propaganda drawing on some of its Facebook pages showing an airplane and the phrase “consistently deport” in large font. The group’s slogan, “our people first,” was written below. The two statements were clearly meant to be taken independently of each other, but many online commentators pointed out that it was hard to read them that way. The NPD removed the post from its main Facebook page after people began mocking the party.

German newspaper Bild dubbed the drawing “Germany’s stupidest election poster!”

Social media users were quick to poke fun at the NPD’s drawing.  

“The first good idea that the NPD has ever had! May I help you to pack?” one user wrote on Facebook, according to Bild. 

“Exactly … deport yourselves first. Nobody wants you anyway,” read another comment, reports German news service Deutsche Welle. 

The NPD responded to the comments, according to DW. 

“It’s our duty to prevent [Germans being deported],” the party wrote. “Go to your multicultural park and let yourselves get raped.”

NPD members were presented with seven designs, and “the majority opted for this one,” Markus Walter, chairman of the party’s Rhineland-Palatinate branch, told news site Jetzt.

The party that advocates for a “continent of white people” has long been a thorn in the side of German politics. The legislative brach of Germany’s government submitted a request in July to permanently ban the NPD.


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