German Teachers Let Their Students Have Lap-Dances At Graduation Party

It’s tradition in Germany to organise a big graduation party when the students pass on from secondary school.

What goes on in these parties is anyone’s guess. Maybe a bit of drinking, friendly chitchat, some fun-sized sausage rolls and a bunch of strippers… I’d probably have drawn the line at strippers.

That’s right, in one of these fabled graduation parties held in Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich, the students booked a stripper who they had masquerade as a guest speaker but, once she got in and took the stage, she asked for one of the guys to get sit down in front of her and then she proceeded to give him a lap dance.

Have a sexy sexy look…

The teachers were well aware of what was going on but, since there were no minors present, they chose to let it go ahead… fair enough, eh?

The stripper,Jarly, 33, has since set up a YouTube account that aims to help people with their sex-lives… so that’s nice!

Sure it looks like a good lap-dance but, come on, you’d much rather this…

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