Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Betchy Fire Monkey

Today is the 2016 Chinese New Year and this years celebrations are expected to be betchier than ever. The Chinese New Year is always the time to get blackout with your Asian friends and eat dumplings with the excuse that youre being cultural. However, this year is particularly important because its the year of the fire monkey.

The fire monkey is the ninth of the 12 animals in the recurring 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle, so it only appears every twelve years. After doing some research about this years New Year sign, we discovered the fire monkey is probably the betchiest Chinese sign we could hope for.

Although its believed that the monkey is a sign for an unlucky year, the monkey has many traits that were totally into. For starters, the fire monkey is known to be smart and mischievous, getting him into trouble but also making him super successful. In a recent article by explaining the Chinese New Year, the monkey is described as having strengths like being sociable and self-assured, and weaknesses like being suspicious and arrogant (you say it like its a bad thing.) We also learned that celebs like Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus were born under the monkey sign, so how unlucky could it be?

The Lunar New Year starts today and celebrations last fifteen days. So on this Chinese New Year, go venture around Chinatown and eat sesame noodles out of a box, even if youre Jewish and only acknowledge Chinese food on Christmas. The fire monkey is literally our spirit animal.

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