Here’s an update on how Scotland feels about Donald Trump

It seems as if Donald Trump may no longer be the only one who is trying to build a wall on a border.

The presumptive Republican nominees country-of-a-golf-course has had its borders marked by a Mexican flag in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Waging the war against the businessman is Michael Forbesa Scotsman who is a member of the Tripping Up Trumpcampaign and the winner of 2012s Top Scot prize, an honor bestowed on one who has made the greatest impact in furthering Scotlands reputation at home and abroad.

The Tripping Up Trumpmovement is the brainchild of a group of Scottish locals whose aims are to protect their ecosystem, help give voice to the communitys inhabitants, and dissuade further forced buyouts of land by Trump. The local resistance has successfully deterred eviction and the purchasing of more land by Trump’s organization.

As shown in Buzzfeeds screengrab, the tall and proud Mexican flag waves at Trump from afar, cheekily greeting him for his arrival in Scotland later this week. The moguls visit is for the re-opening of his Trump Turnberry Resortin Ayrshire:

David Milne, a fellow campaign member and Trump critic, has expressed his censure in the same way, planting a flag of his own:

The point of the flag is to show solidarity with the Mexicans and every other group that Trump has decried, derided, insulted, and tried to marginalize, Milne told Buzzfeed in an interview.

It is safe to say that Donald Trump’s Scottish neighbors will not be welcoming him at the airport Friday.


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