How To Actually Move To Canada If Trump Wins The Election

A lot of people have said theyre going to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president, including celebrities like Lena Dunham and Bryan Cranston.

Some people whove said that were probably joking. But it seems others might actually be serious.

The number of Americans looking for jobs in Canada has increased by58 percent since last year, according to the job search engine Monster Worldwide.

It found around30,000 job searches included the word Canada in 2016 so far, compared to about 20,000 for all of 2015.

Google also recently found the number of searches for move to Canada was higher than at any other point in its history.

It seems like the election has people taking the idea of heading up to Canada pretty seriously (or serious enough to Google it, at least).

Theres even a Canadian island, Cape Breton, that has invited US citizens to move there if Trump becomes president.

It wouldnt be that surprising to see people leave, given that a recent New York Times/CBS poll showed the vast majority of Americans 82 percent, to be exact are absolutely disgusted with this election.


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